Use Less Shit in the Bathroom: No Pun Intended

The bathroom. The john. The lavatory. The privy. The washroom. The latrine. The loo. The shitter.

No matter how you word it, there’s one thing that is certain; we all use them. And even though they’re usually the smallest room in the place, they can sure pack a lot of waste.

So let’s talk about that waste. No, I’m not talking about THAT kinda waste. I’m talking garbage. Those Plastic bottles with the “name brands” on them that hog up all the room in the shower. You spend your hard earned cash on this stuff and half of the time, it sucks and you throw it under the sink. Am i right..?

Finding a shampoo that you like can be a daunting task. Same with finding a natural toothpaste that doesn’t taste like crap.

I know what you’re thinking.. I can’t use that on my hair, my hair is thick or long or fine or blah blah blah.. Let me say this, this shampoo bar cleans my hair better than most “name brands” that i have tried. Not to mention 522 bottles of shampoo end up in our landfills annually… This bar usually lasts me around 3 months. Best part? No waste.

I’ve tried many conditioner bars. To be honest, most of them suck. THIS one, however, is amazing. This little gem costs around $12.00 (follow hyperlink above). I have been using mine for around two months now and it still looks brand new! You will definitely get your moneys worth out of this one.

Farmer Pits deoderant

Most deodorant tubes are made from high density polyethylene (#2 plastic) and are recyclable! However, most also have a dial on the bottom made from different plastic and contaminate the recycling bin.. That’s the pits.. (literallyy!) Avoid the confusion all together and buy package free deodorant! This stuff is my fave!

400 million toothpaste tubes end up in our landfills every year. Not to mention many popular toothpastes contain chemicals such as: triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), fluoride, and diethanolamine (DEA). I’ve tried SO many natural toothpastes… it’s hard to find one that doesn’t ruin your morning. This one not only comes in a recyclable tube with a metal key, it’s free of chemicals and doesn’t taste like crap! Win Win!

Unfortunately, there is no perfect toothbrush.. Some claim to be 100% biodegradable, but what are the bristles made out of? Most are made of nylon-6.. not biodegradable. This toothbrush is the best i have found; it’s handle is bamboo, bristles are made of 62% castor bean oil. So they aren’t biodegradable, but they are certified bio-based and contain less petroleum-based plastic  than other toothbrushes do.

Floss. Most floss is made of nylon or other plastic filaments. And the waxed versions come coated with a petroleum-based treatment. Who wants to jam a plastic laden string in their gums first thing in the morning? And floss picks! No one wants to invite their new crush over, have them dig through their medicine cabinet, find their floss picks and realize that they don’t give a f*ck about the environment. Stop using floss picks.

Get yourself a Safety Razor

The intimidating safety razor.. It does take some getting used to. But once you’ve got it down, you won’t get a smoother shave. The razor itself and the blades are 100% recyclable. So.. no waste, yay!! Bonus: kiss razor burn goodbye!!

So, it’s really not rocket science here. A few simple steps and you’re well on your way to giving a f*ck!

7 thoughts on “Use Less Shit in the Bathroom: No Pun Intended

  1. Thank you for your wonderful blog! I’m curious, what kind of razor refills do you use?


    1. I got my razor as a hand me down from my late uncle. He never threw anything away, so with the razor, I got a lifetime supply of assorted vintage razor blades as well! A whole bucket full! But I know they sell some at Target, but they are in a plastic holder.. so I would recommend shopping online for the blades..


  2. Michelle Bertrand February 20, 2019 — 8:02 pm

    Loved All of this!! Thanks again, Kirsta, for all the information!

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    1. Thanks for following along & Thank you for giving a f*ck! 😘


  3. Thanks for the toothpaste tips, we had tried some powder based alternatives but they did taste terrible – will certainly look to follow up on your examples.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome. It does still have a plastic top.. but I’ll keep searching! Pacific West is another great brand!

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  4. Reblogged this on Daily thoughts and commented:
    A great way to reduce your waste in the bathroom

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