DIY Wool Dryer Balls

Since we are on the subject of dirty laundry…

Let’s talk. Did you know that most dryer sheets and even liquid softeners are made with such chemicals as:

  • benzyl acetate (linked to Pancreatic Cancer)
  • benzyl alcohol (an upper respiratory tract irritant)
  • ethanol (linked to central nervous system disorders)
  • limonene (a known carcinogen)
  • chloroform (a neurotoxin & carcinogen)

Woah! That’s a lot of crap.. Since dryer sheets are designed to make your clothes free of static cling and smell wonderful for an extended period of time, guess what? That means all those chemicals are there too and can gradually seep into your skin.. Not cool.

As I mentioned in my last blog “Homemade Laundry Detergent”, plain ol’ white vinegar in the wash cycle will do the trick. However, these dryer balls can cut your drying time by 25-50%! Not only that, but you can add essential oils so your clothes can smell wonderful as well! And they last up to 5 years! Holy sh*$, right?! My favorite part? No plastic!

Things you’ll need:

Wrap the end of the yarn around your pointer & middle finger about 10 times, loose enough that you can slide the yarn off of your fingers.

Slide the yarn off of your fingers, and wrap the yarn around the center a few times. It should like a cute, little bow.

Keep wrapping tightly around that cute, little bow in every direction, until it forms a ball. Continue wrapping until you get to your desired size. I make mine about the size of a tennis ball.

Now thread your needle and push it through your ball and pull the end through with a pliers.

Once you have your desired amount of balls, (usually takes 4-6/load) take your nylons and shove one ball all the way to the toe. Tie a knot and send the second one down, so on and so forth.

Just throw them in with your load of bedding (or anything you wash on the hot cycle). Finish in the dryer. And boom. You now have your very own set of dryer balls!

Now.. I know what you’re thinking.. Who the F^&* has time to do all that?! It takes about 10 minutes to make one dryer ball. So the next time you sit down to watch Netflix, give it a try!

3 thoughts on “DIY Wool Dryer Balls

  1. Any tips for reducing static in the laundry? I use wool dryer balls, but I can’t seem to find the magic cure for static like dryer sheets do. My hubs has threatened dryer sheets because he can’t stand the static. Gah // please no!

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    1. Hmmmm.. try vinegar in the wash cycle? (Except don’t use when using bleach—it can create toxic fumes.) 1/4 c/load. Keep me posted if it works for you?


  2. I never knew you could make your own so easily! I bought some felted ones at the MN state fair and I love them!

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